Client Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed having Mrs. Bryant work with my family for our photography session. Professional and personable. She had to work under pressure with a rambunctious, independent 3 year old who only wanted to do what she wanted to do and managed to not only take beautiful photos but capture everyone’s personalities on camera. Even the 3 year old! I will definitely be calling upon her in the future! I highly recommend Mrs Bryant for all your photography needs! ~~Sherri Ingles

I have rarely hired a professional to take my photos for personal much less for professional use. Yolanda took my fears and concerns away the moment she started to click her camera. At two different occasions she was able to capture the shots that I am confident to share with my clients for promotions of my speaking business. She is so professional and makes it easy to just act naturally while she captures the moments on film. I recommend Yolanda for all your digital photography needs! ~~Angel Guerrero III

We had a great time doing our photo session with Yolanda Michelle Johnson-Bryant Shepreneur. We did our pictures when it was super hot and she was able to accomplish some great shots before we all melted. She is great with kids and made the session lots of fun. She did great job capturing everyone even the impatient, can’t stand still 3 yr old! I loved all our photos! Yolanda will be doing all our pictures for now on! Please call to book her….you won’t regret it! ~~Callie Ingles